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A free and exhaustive tag editor for AVI video files
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abcAVI is a free and exhaustive tag editor for AVI video files. It allows you to edit any of the tags already included in your file, and append an incredible number of new ones. You can connect directly to the Internet Movie Database to retrieve new information, or type it in yourself. It supports RIFF INFO tags, MovieID tags, and IDivX tags, ensuring backward compatibility with standard Windows players.

With its more than 40 different tags, abcAVI is an extremely comprehensive tool to catalogue all your AVI files. The information is stored in the file itself, so it will always go where your file goes. Not only it includes information about the content of the video (title, author, genre, subject, movie credits, and so on), but also detailed technical information of the file itself (software used to create it, encoder, file source, etc.). It shows you the complete internal structure of the AVI file, such as main AVI header, the microseconds per frame, if the video is interleaved, the number of frames and streams, or the suggested buffer size.

The information can be obtained by querying IMDb directly, allowing you to fully customize how and which tags the program should look for. You can also export all your tags to the clipboard, for using it with external applications. It also includes a “Hacks & Tweaks” dialogue where experienced users can change the FourCC code of the video stream, force a number of frames per second, and force the size of the frame.

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  • Its comprehensive list of supported tags covers all possible cataloguing needs
  • Information is appended to the AVI file itself


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